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Chef James De Sisto


I am pleased to welcome you to Laboratorio Kitchen where we have worked hard to create special dishes, representing regional, progressive meals that balance the natural flavor of food in a healthier, down to earth life style. Our meals are satisfying and succulent, we hope you join us to share both a memorable and enjoyable meal.



My passion for cooking started early, many of my fondest memories was as child being greeted by the wonderful aromas and smells when I arrived home from school and walked up the three flights above our apartment to Grandma home.


Often, on Sundays, while sitting in the kitchen, I watched her prepare and combine basic ingredients like onions, leeks, potatoes, meats, herbs and seasoning, cooking the ingredients on an old gas stove, to created traditional, satisfying, and mouth watering meals that stoked my curiosity and desire to also create dishes that appealed to the senses and made us happy.


And by the time high school was over, I had already been working more than five years in a local pizzeria owned by a family friend, and discovered that cooking was my life pursuit and a passion that filled each day. It was in this space that allowed me to take an active interest in learning everything about breads, sauces, meats as well as how to run a kitchen and manage a staff, those early cooking experiences helped me recognize that there was so much more needed for me to develop and acquire before truly cooking for others.


Later, graduating from the culinary school, Johnson and Wales in Miami Florida, I began working under influential leaders of the culinary world such as Emeril Lagasse, Tyler Florence, and Mitchell Althlz at exclusive restaurants that included Uva 69 -  a Barcelonan bistro, Emerils of South Beach, and The Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange NJ.  




During this period, of being inspired by and watching great chefs, create fascinating dishes and combining exciting flavors in unique ways. I quickly learned that having a passion without developing the core skills and mastering the techniques often created inconsistent results and poor execution.  


It became obvious that practicing a technique over and over until it becomes a part of your hands and action, frees your mind and allows you to concentrate on developing that special dish you wish to create in the moment; and it is this dedication to being meticulous in the details and execution that was consistently embraced by these great chefs. And it is my hope to bring this experience to every dish we create at Laboratorio Kitchen, where allowing the natural flavor of food to express themselves in every bite is our expectation.


I hope to share with you a wonderful eating experience that my staff and I continually work daily to provide - thank you for eating with us! 

615 Bloomfield Avenue

Montclair, NJ 07042    Reservations: 973-746-6100

Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday 5pm - 9pm, Sunday 4pm - 9pm

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